WALKING TOURS– from San Sebastian to Bilbao

  1. San Sebastián

San Sebastian is a city with a beautiful landscape and is truly a foodie’s paradise. Enjoy a long walk along the La Concha beach or venture inside one of the 16 restaurants in San Sebastian that have a Michelin star, it being the second place in the world with more Michelin star restaurants per square meter, only to be surpassed by Tokyo.


  1. From San Sebastian to Getaria – 27km

7h 30m| +943m / -911m

We start the route leaving the city of San Sebastian and walk along the coast of Vizcaya while enjoying its green meadows and mountains. On this route it’s possible to see the Romanesque church of San Martin de Tours before crossing through the beautiful villages along the coast. The day ends in Getaria, where you can admire its beautiful port. At Santiago Ways we recommend that you try the “txacoli”, a typical slightly sparkling white wine from this area.


  1. From Getaria to Deba- 22km

6h30m| +617m / -654m

Leaving Getaria, we should head along the coast through the countryside before reaching Zarautz, whose beautiful beach (the longest in the Basque Country) really stands out. After Zarautz, the trail moves into green lands and passes by the church of Santa Maria La Real and the town of Elcano. Today’s session ends in the beautiful town of Deba.

  1. From Deba to Markina- 20km

5h| +1099m / -1019m

Today the route leaves the coastal area for the last time as we head towards the region’s interior. After crossing a river, the route makes its way to an area where vegetation abounds, before reaching the Chapel of El Calvario. The regional road (GR-121) passes through several towns before reaching our destination for today: Markina.

  1. From Markina to Gernika- 28km

7h30m| +663m / -741m

Leaving Markina we must continue through the countryside, crossing the river in Bolivar before reaching the medieval monastery in Zenarruza. From here, we must continue to climb until we reach the highest part of Gontzegarai. After passing through the Santiago Hermitage, a moderate descent leads to a small river and the historic village of Gernika, famous for Picasso’s masterpiece.

  1. From Gernika to Lezama – 21km

6h30m +824 m / -771 m

After leaving Gernika, we will pass through the hermitage of Santa Luzia Zallo before ascending towards the road (PR-173). From here, a paved trail continues upwards towards the town of Morga, where you begin the descent through the villages of Goikoletxea and Larrabetzu. Later we will cross the forest before reaching our destination for today: Lezama. An interesting fact, the Bilbao Athletic soccer team trains here in this town.